An Unrevealed Truth- How to Stay Away from Scammers (Scam Sites on Internet)- Part 1

How to protect yourself from being trapped

Have you been spammed or afraid to be, here I have decided to tell you how you can stay away from fraud sites on Internet. I am working on a series of identifying spam… This series have 2 or 3 parts on the basis of various scam type and fact findings. At the end of this session I can guarantee; you will be able to protect yourself from spammers and able to know how to check legitimacy of a site. Please stay tuned to my review, research and analysis by following my hub
I have broken up this hub in different parts. You will be able to download a PDF when I’ll complete all parts. So get ready to know the tips of “checking legitimacy of sites”-
In beginning I have covered the basic things that show scams. This part is concentrated on work from home scams. Hub -2 will be covering Internet Marketing frauds. Than the next Hub I will publish with how you can actual make money from web sources in 3 different series

Work from Home Scams

The basic concept of knowing reality of these scams opportunity when they are
“too good to be true?”
If a site committing you huge money for doing nothing or little jobs possibly can be a scam, please try to stay away. These ways cannot be a source of lucrative income but you can be for them always consider your gut instincts
Check Cashing out Scam
This type of spammers is most prolific. They try to convince you by elaborating very deeply. Joining these programs can cost you more than enough in shape of cash and by your identity theft. But the good thing is that these spammers are very easy to identify let me show you how-
In this game they ask you to receiving a check for such and such reason like; you win through an email lottery or for selecting your IP. When you reply to them, they asks you to deposit a little amount then try to ensure you the check have been sent, after few day they re-demand you for a big deposit by saying your check is in process but you need to deposit TAX Fees. The checks you receive are either fake or they bounced.
These fake checks you depositing guaranteed will bounce. But these things nothing matters you have been already spammed when you deposit the cash in spammers account
Follow a very simple and easy tip- Never allow any job that asks you to dispatch others money. Every Single Time I can guarantee you such proposal and jobs are guaranteed scams.

Identifying Survey Scams

A quick tip that I want to say, here are survey companies that really pay you a very lucrative income. But the scams are the universal reality, especially committing you an unnatural boosted income like 1000 dollars in a month it can be possible on hub pages by writing.
Average income that you can generate by taking survey cannot be more than $6 on each 20 to 30 minutes survey. Spammers lie by committing you thousands of dollars in a month for taking surveys. You can see their payment proofs and can find people acknowledging you to join but they are focused group work for each other by sharing revenue in these criminal activities. If you have invested or thinking such ritual source of earning you can be spammed. Few legit sites paying you a lucrative amount but you need to qualify strict eligibility criteria… like- Survey Savvy.
One Tip- Never pay for joining such sites, they pays you if they are genuine without asking you for deposit

Data Entry and Home Typing Jobs Spammers Identification

I need to preface, Data entry sites really pays you like survey sites. However there are chances of being spammed so beware of them before joining. The legit companies outsourcing data entry jobs and they only offers few cents on each job. It’s very rare to found genuine data entry jobs.
Here you goy scammed easily because they offers a very lucrative amount like thousands of dollars for filling form or typing
You’ve approximately have seen ads like this: “Are you looking for a ritual amount for taking data entry jobs of multinational companies? Then ask you to fill a small fee as training material
So you need to avoid such claims by sites, it’s really very is to complete forms so forget it you are going to paid a very handsome amount for doing such jobs.Scammers never higher you for such jobs they only tries to convince you for a deposit in their accounts, they are using PPC networks to getting you trapped. They will ask you to fill credit card or other personal info to theft your identity and money
I recommend you to avoid such ways even they are legit or not because you can’t get access to a goo regular income by filling forms

Reshipping Package Scams

Reshipping Package is also a type of check cashing out scam; they are dressed here in package reshipping services. These scams look very legitimate. The scammers will ask you to fillip lots of in-depth information to make you feel they are legit. The funniest thing is that sometimes they ask you for providing a copy of legal identity, few of them calls you and verifies. It’s just a well-designed show case to steal your personal information by your consent
So where the problem arises, by joining such scammers eventually you start getting packages. The products that you gets on your doors are purchased through stolen credit cards, so receiving such stolen property could open doors to imprisonment, scammers ask you to reship these products to get themselves stay away from such crimes. So any site telling you such services with western union or money gram please try to avoid they could be most probable a scam, and you’ll be in trouble very soon.
So such spammers will tag you as a criminal in local area, even FBI could knock your door. I have seen cases of police raids for such crimes. So now the choice is yours…

How to Indicate a Scam

W(st(rn Union/M@n(y Gram- Brand name theft, fake contacts scams

Any time you see the name of such brands like W(st(rn Union or M@n(y logo on sites they would be 100 % guaranteed scam
Here few exception could find if got a job from Weston union domain only, or working in their stores. Any way if you’re not one of them, please stay away from such scams. If you are not familiar I can guarantee, you will be trapped by scams every single time

Have you ever seen such calculator as given in images with this Hub

Beware you are about to be trapped. Such tools are designed to deceive your mind for such bull S#its, they convince you by offering a calculated income and offers very easy way to make thousands of dollars.

An Extreme Job Offer

Job Hunting sites are also becoming paradise of such scammers; you can easily find them in your neighbor’s house, if you are receiving such offers most probably they are fake as above. It clears when job offers are for unrelated area of specialization from yours
It’s the easiest way of trapping job seekers, because many of them are ready for pay for a handsome salary job. So the best thing is that you should delete them

Wrapping up my briefcase for today…

At the final point, few keywords could help you to judge legitimacy of make money online site, avoid cash gifting, email processing reward earnings, government lotteries, payroll or payment department authority messages, and account receivable heads
Keep eying on the next hub; I’ll try to publish new tips as soon as possible…. Please respond to this post by commenting and following m


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