Minute Workers Review- Another Best Alternative to MTurk & Microworkres

I would like to give an aid in the list of get paid for working on task, from couple of days I have wrote lots of article about Microworkers and MTurk, you can find these articles at the end of this post in recommended article tab
Minute workers is very attractive platform to work on HITs, the advantages that I have experienced are mainly concentrated on employer’s perspective but I always try to review these make money portals strictly for Workers/Users perspective only.

Here are lots of things that I must appreciate and you will be enjoying working with minute worker, like here you get a $1 sign up bonus, posting and discussions on minute worker’s forum is also a way of make money online

The site interface for workers is slightly neat and clean, you will not forget the root between clouds as happens on Mturk. Forum also helping you to tackle issues with rip-off employers and contacting directly with site admin

Another advantage of working here you’ll get paid on each referral  $0.15 on each referral; you will get only 5 cents if the referred user will not complete at least one task

One thing more that I have to say the site staff really takes care of workers issues but they are more conscious with keeping their employers, even though at least it’s a plus point in comparison to Mturk. You get quick responses if any employer Rip-off but they also never lack to block your account if you carrying a huge amount by completing Hits in it (Once happened to me, they block my account by saying my reputation rate is less than 75% and last it were 95%), As per my experience this is a paradise of rip-off players and employers

The payment system is also positive here. You can cash out through PayPal, AlertPay, both ways are fastest ways of getting your payments. As per the site policies you can cash out between the end of month and the payment made between the15th to 25th of next month  

The Task and jobs available on Minute worker pays you a satisfying rate but they sucks due to spammy requesters, you have to be very careful if you are working with MTurk.

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Even though in crowdsourcing alternatives it has gain lots of achievements and popularity, I appreciate the site interface and this is probably the best feature behind success of this portal among competitors in this market. 

Let me tell you how much you could earn in a day, as per my experience here you could find always few task (10 to 15 in a day) in a gap of 12 hours, you can expect $1 to $3 in a day by spending 15 to 30 minute. Beside this I don’t think so giving more time to this site help you to accelerate your daily income because of the non-availability of tasks and hits.

At all minute worker could be a good source for you I withdraw my first payment in 10 days and I hope so by following my recommendation you will give it a try

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