Make Money Online on MyLot- Another Best Get Paid for Social Networking Site

Earn While you Socialize

How it would be, if you could earn while spending your time on Social networking sites, Yeh!! It’s possible and you could gain pretty much batter amount in comparison to crowd sourcing sites. It’s a beyond platform from these crowd-sourcing sites here you are not getting paid for completing HITs or for Surveying. The platform that My lot have provided for make money online is very interesting and entertaining because here you get paid for commenting, you get paid for posting, uploading pics, discussing etc.

Learn to Earn by Social Networking- MyLot Review

Signing up to myLot

The most irritating features that I have seen on the site is when you visit the homepage through any search engine a full page banner appears, beside this the site not looks like any Major Social networking platform so you would need to learn API (Application Interface)
The process of sign is almost like other make money online site. You are required to fill a short form that requires details about you like your email address, home address, PayPal account Id and bank detail, and don’t forget to fill initials like name, You have both option transferring your money to bank account either to your PayPal

Site interface and how to use MyLot

The site interface is like other social networks as they work, such as Facebook. Here you could make money by commenting, uploading and discussing, increasing your friend circle and sending messages to these friends…. So it’s really cool to get an account on this site whether wasting your time on Facebook or G Plus

How to earn and how is Payment System?

Earnings are based on how much time you are spending it and the system counts your activities over the site to make money. The activities are similar that I told you earlier in this post, so as more you are active more you could earn here. The following details may not be entirely true but these all are my experiences on the site, I spend 15 to60 minutes every day here and post discussions, uploads, and join new friend… being a girl may be its an advantage of getting lot of feedback and comments from males
Usually in a normal day earn 10 to 80 cents each day, the earnings are most probably depends on the discussions and uploads how much popularity they gains here, still I need to research on it how the site is paying because the payment statistics and method is not available publically. I have seen people commenting and showing there earning proofs here too up to $60 to $100 in a month depending upon as much as they were active on site
The minimum payout limit is $10 threshold before you get paid, However if you love to spend your time on social networking so don’t waste it make it worthwhile when you have an option where you get paid for the things that you like most
So with this way if you are expecting to buy a new Laptop so just forget it and stop day dreaming.. And walk $20 to $ 100 each month from the site

Don’t forget to Read – Pros and Cons before you join

Get paid for social networking is really a fantastic way!
Here you would enjoy while you earn
The site interface and its navigation is not familiar
You are required to wait for dispatch earning till they reach to $10 at least
Still I recommend you to give it try


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