An Unrevealed Truth- How to Stay Away from Scammers (Scam Sites on Internet) - Part 2

How to protect from being Trapped

This article wraps uncovered truth about protects yourself from online threads, now let me show you how to identify Internet Marketing scammers.
The thing on that I spent my most of the time is Internet marketing; it’s my best source of income
Internet marketing can be very lucrative, but it does not mean you’ll be a millionaire in few days, Make it sure internet marketing is one of the hardest way of making money due to internet environment forces like; competitors, technology, economic conditions and e-threats. You need time and patience to survive in this market. For a jump start you can go through PPC, website flipping, etc. but you will need lot of credit otherwise to scratch your luck you need do lot of hard work.

Online Marketing Scams

You could find your neighbors to suggesting you plenty of shortcuts to grownup in a day. They will convince you with different thoughts about these shortcut and make you feel how easy is to make money online

Push Button Scammers

This is the trendiest product between online marketing scams now days. People are convincing you how it is easy to earn thousands of dollars for doing nothing “Such scammers offers only a push on button and lineup green currency in your valet. Even they will show you proofs of their own earnings with headlines that approaches you push on checkout button, this is reality really they are making money very rapidly, and the screen shots are also actual but this amount they gains by snatching your money from your pockets.

Here I have given few example with images in this article to make you batter understand about such scams. These snapshots are real that I have taken from such products scams.
In the snapshot 1 thing is very similar they all are offering all advertising “Push Button” product that holds your work by ensuring you to optimize your online earnings to peak, they guarantee you for instant money making
They try to show their legitimacy with lot of contend material and few third party guarantee services. Even you can see Vari sign certification pictures, various money transfer services authentication but they all are created on Photoshop. The content on these sites contains very elaborating and inspirational stories, after reading them you will have goose bumps on your body. The sales page shows you underground secrets books and software with some videos. These teeny-tiny little things convince you to invest.
So forget it such scammers going to make you millionaire even the software they claims to sell you never will work when you use them. Beside this they also include an offer for you of learning such software and future alerts of online forex market to make you millionaire.
These lessons and soft wares lure with a cheap ploy for you, beside this they will keep you in touch for more new shits created by them to sell for you.
An online business requires you to WORK, as much as you do. It’s really not easy one so getting the truth known to you is the reality matters for you don’t count the one who became millionaire look at them who have been scammed
So you just need to run away from such network if you got such proposal put it in your spam folder and restricted site listing

“Pay Shipping!” /Negative Marketing Scammers

Obviously you all are known to such marketers showing line with “I am Making Money by working for Google” or “Make Thousands of Dollars by Working for Google, they ask you for buying free training material, only you need to pay $5 shipping cost, such scams are mainly spreading their network through heavy traffic sites, like Torrent Sites, Music Piracy Sites and from forums, much of them are exist around you and possibly they traps your mind
Negative marketing scammers offers you free programs but at the time of cash out they appeal you to pay by charging shipping cost or premium membership required. Few of them offer you free trial of few days and when you don’t cancel your trial before given period they charge you surprisingly with a shocking amount with your attached credit card.
Mainly the problem is we never reads T&C and hit the button to accept and got unknown to the trial period offers, sometimes they also don’t tell you about trial periods.

Few more things from my backpack…

The most easiest way of getting rid from being scammed ask the given questions to yourself-
“What I’ll do after signing up to this program?”
When you would be able to define the sort of work after buying the program; Even though you are confuse leave a comment here about the program you are going to sign up I’ll review that for you. “I will be just making tons of dollars! Hooray!” I will definitely help you in considering your purchases on internet.

Stay tuned with me for next series on ways to make actual money


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