More Top 5 Ways to Optimize Your MTurk Earnings- Part 2

Few days ago I wrote an article on Top 10 Ways of Optimizing MTurk Earning and lots of positive feedback especially from Stumblers, as an extension to the similar post. I recommend you to read both post tips to become a master on MTurk

These tips are aimed at workers point of view only on Mturk, some of them may be you still following but still you will be able to get an aid to your Turk Tips. I experienced lot of things with these tips on Mturk and they are making me far batter day by day with application interface for earning money with Amazon MTurk., Anyway, the follow up tips are as given below- 

1. Taking a Qualification test make you eligible for new HITs on MTurk, by passing these test you would be able to get access on new hits for that you clears the qualification tests. A good thing about these test are most of the qualification test only requires to click on a button to clear (To avoid the Auto BOTs). So try to clear qualification test as much you can

2. If you have a good HIT approval rate (should be above 95%) its batter to avoid such HIT, but if the HIT approval rate not meets with the above criteria try to do them. Read the article to know more readHow to get access to Highest Paying HITs on Mturk - Recovery from Bad HIT Qualification

3.  For working on MTurk I have found fire fox is the best browser, here opinions can vary on the bases of sots of HITs. Few HITs demand you to have Internet Explorer instead few ask you for specific plugin with firefox or chrome browsers

4.  If any of your HIT get requester and you thinks it’s his mistake so you directly communicate for further response from requester about his decisions. You have to be polite while asking to requester for rejection mistake or problem with your work. If you are polite with them I can guarantee you the requester pay up when you contact or communicate as per instruction

5. Try to keep in touch with Mturk requester, these option are not available but when you complete a job can communicate with them. When you would convince him to get his twitter id or email to get updates about new HITs and ways to make money online that he knows

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