Real Fact about Speak Asia Online- A market Research agency or a Scam


Speak Asia Online, A name about that you all are aware….. Especially Indians, Let me describe where the story begins- Few days ago my friend started talking about an online Market Research company/ online survey site- Speak Asia online
When I heard first time of its offers I got excited for Speak Asia’s Proposal, but when I got to know its not a freebie so i took my steps back and decided to research first before investing money…According to today’s condition the company has become an interesting fraud ex-poser between the TV Channels and News Agencies…. I knew that it will happen one day let me start with the things that I found in my research.
  • Speak Asia says this company is registered in Singapore and working world wide but the reality is almost differing… I have collected proofs those will be sufficient to prove my points, This is reality one domain of Speak Asia is registered from Singapore but they are not working worldwide even they also don’t have any branch in Singapore too let me show you how..
I am very thankful to, because I utilize their services to reach to this truth-· My first finding is- This site do not have any business in Singapore or any other country except India and Bangladesh

Look at the above snapshot if this site is really doing business from Singapore so why they are not ranked in Alexa traffic links, beside this the company also commits this company have their business worldwide but according to Alexa traffic rank they are getting traffic only from these two Countries

  • · Let me show you the second fact that I have got through My Research –
When this site came into existence they claimed this company is in market since several years, But the truth is just opposite, I heard about this site between oct.-nov. 2010, don’t think so now I’ll say because I heard about it 7 month ago that’s why this site is not legit …. See the fact window-
According to Alexa traffic reach analytic of this site shows company most probably started their online business between the mid of 2010, so how could they claim about their existence from a decade.

  • According to the research of few news agencies it is also said that the survey’s company provides are not legit, specially the surveys of Airtel and ICICI both companies owners said they have not given any assignment for market research to Speak Asia
  • This site had a very simplest game, Company pays you for taking survey, if you want to become a member you need to invest minimum 11000 you can invest as much as you want and they guarantee you to 5X your money in a year, they also have a referral program
  • The payment options are not available online, you need to deposit this amount in to a specific accounts in Banks
  • Previously this company also blacklisted in Bangladesh for to mislead subscribers, when detective agencies asked to Singapore government about the claims that this company commits, the government of Singapore declined and said not a single company registered in Singapore with this name.
  • The COO has been arrested by Mumbai Police for the fraud of 1530 Crore Rupees among its 200000 Customers, They have noticed by RBI
My personal opinion is, please keep away yourself from those online income companies those ask you to pay some amount….. A freebie is a batter option to work online


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