Top 10 To Top 50 Amazon Mturk alternatives 2011- List of websites like

Get paid for completing task from various sources on internet

A question that really hard to answer when we talk about best alternative to, I were trying to find couple of sources to enhance my freelance earning through sites like, Amazon Mturk is a regular source of income for me, I earn being an employer and worker too, but this post I am writing workers perspective only; I wrote an article on How to become an employer on Amazon Mturk if you are from outside of US

 Still let me continue with my research Mturk is good to enjoy freelance task with a small earning source, but the people who are pretty much familiar with Mturk they spend lot of time, may be because they are habitual or not skilled yet about the other sources of Income too on internet, I am also a regular task seeker on Mturk, daily get few bucks in my account by spending 20 to 30 minutes in a day

As per my review and research still not ant site you could find that can be compared with Mturk, you have alternative but they are like a Private executive job against a ministry job in parliament
But you could find site those have adopted a little much way of platform like Amazon Mturk, here you can make money online for completing task and Hits 

As far as I am aware, there are no websites like MTurk that resemble it in every way, but there are places that have some of the Amazon MTurk features and where you can make money online
Cloud Croud I have also gone through a review about this site but now a days the number of task and their type is not good enough, Here we are looking for alternative sources of make money online for completing Task, so it’s just a waste of time where you are not getting task of your choice and in a quantity that could be redeem, it’s a Facebook platform

Micro workers come first in my list, have the best matching feature but they are not yet up to the mark. The website could be consider to an alternative source of income, its look is different, with less task, the payment method is PayPal account, the essential things like payout rates and income on each task is little bit higher than Amazon Mturk, here you get paid for completing task, I have written my few researches on Micro workers Platform you can read them for a deep review about the site is also an option that I can recommend but before that a batter way is also available;Minute worker I have spent lot of time on site being an employer and a worker too, I must say this site is behaviorally act nice in favor of workers always, the site interface is greener and they pay you for publishing thread on their forum and completing tasks like, the payout limit is $10 you can redeem before too in aid to few tax, by PayPal and AlertPay.. You can read an in-depth article about Minute worker on my blog here- The link is not available now
About this site’s surface is inspired very much from Microworker and its functionality also matches to it, the payment option are 4-5 allows people to payout through PayPal, Alert Pay and lot more… Read the review here

Job Boy is also a batter option available to, its look is pretty much batter then others and here you get $1 in bonus when you signup, Job boy have a good amount of task available not comparable to Mturk or Micro worker but it is good enough comparison to other, the referral system, site pays you for doing Hits like Mturk and you can withdraw your earnings by PayPal
The other ways with them I am familiar are Swagbucks, an online reward club similar to InboxDoller and Mylot, a social network platform to make money pays you for commenting, posting and publishing photos and other stuff… read the Review here

Desk lancer; this option sucks because of bad look of site and only 10 to 20 task are available so I would recommend this post to the admin, if he is reading please invest some effort and money to grow up your network. Still you can join or keep away yourself because the unavailability of tasks and jobs, you are invited if you could wait for 10 to 20 months for your first payout

Inbox Dollars is a kind of rewards club. The task are matched with thing specially the task like Amazon Mturk, this channel pays you through check on minimum payout limit on $30 but it becomes easy because you get $5 in your account as bonus when you sign up. You can also find a detailed review about Review of Inbox Dollars

Mini Jobz, can be your another alternative, and definitely its far batter then Desk Lancer in every way, other things and payout system is like Job Boy and Minute worker, I need your replies about this post for Job Boys; I haven’t cash out from this site so if are experienced about the payout behavior and its genuineness please share

Out of these you could try other ways of make money online and I guarantee you they pay you higher then these networks- Read the review on Best Get paid to Survey sites, these survey could be of anything and pays you more than enough sometimes asking for what you buy!!
I know one more option, I worked for them but I am very upset at the time of payout, admin refused by saying I have cheated them, I don’t know why but the site is probably a scam… it’s My easy task if you have any idea please share your views in comment box

A cheap and older way is PTC, You get paid for clicking on website URL’s and or for Paid to sign up (PSU), I never waste my time on them because of low payout rate on each click
Now here I would say to close this section.. in future ill update you with new sources of Freelancing Platforms…
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