IBM Neurosynaptic Brain Mirror chips – A Prototype of human brain

The SyNAPSE Project

IBM says these Brain Prototype chips are mitigating to act as human brain- will help us in quick analysis and decision making.
IBM achieved a mile stone by creating human brain prototype computing, these chips will take place as a mirror to our brain. These chips are able to detect errors and mistake on the bases of data and analysis available and can prompt action on the bases of these information by judging the pitfalls and reacts accordingly
The Cognitive computing chips showing an important departure from traditional computing programming and their operation
In future we are going to feel the virtual reality with these programs, will become an important part of our life by adopting broad functionality of cognitive chips.
Source: Wikimedia
IBM is driving rapidly growing intelligence in an increasingly broad aspect of computing devices. These Chips are officially named IBM’s neurosynaptic computing chips, will work functionally like a human brain works like neurons and synapses. The metabolism of chips is based on algorithmic formulas and silicon circuits.
The functionality of these chips is like mimicking human mind and we are expected to get very good results with this technology. Chips can understand, learn, predict and can reach to a proper decision on the bases of all these things
So I hope the programming scenario and people who are professional in programming going to face lot of trouble if they will not upgrade themselves with time. These chips with given capabilities, have originated a new computing era where technology dynamically act, can learn and solves queries.
The infrastructure of Chips is based on two working prototypes contains 45 Nanometer SOI-CMOS core within 256 neurons on the other hand second each prototype contains 262,144 auto programmable synapses and other takes 65536 learning synapse. This technology is under experiment and testing. Still we have succeeded to reach auto navigation, tech vision, pattern identifier, associative memory and in classifying objects
The Phase two of these chips after getting $21 million from the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency is now named SyNAPSE (System of Nueromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronic) project. With an object to designing an auto functional dynamic computer that would be able to source various analysis and information through its own sense and will be able to rewire itself.
“Imagine your cars that can integrate sights, your home and loan that can smells, sounds and will warn you. An answering machine that will respond in your absence with cognitive technology”


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