Top 10 Ways to Optimize Your MTurk Earnings- Make Money Online by Crowd Sourcing

A small Introduction

I don’t think so if you are internet savvy and you haven’t heard of this way, perhaps for those who are not yet familiar, MTurk is the best source to make money online by completing task commonly known as HITs (Human intelligence task), you the assignment seekers (Worker) get paid to complete them and the requester gets the work done like data entry, surveys, SEO, and article rewriting etc. You get paid in form of check or you can purchase anything from Amazon store by requesting an Amazon Gift card
This way of make money online is very easy fast and reliable but you cannot expect a huge source of income by spending time on it, you have to be very perfectionist in using the way of getting best Hits before they out, Crowd sourcing or freelancing gains much popularity then other ways of make money online because any one can do the tasks even beginners on internet are also able to make money online from these ways, the tips and tricks that I am going to tell you definitely help you to maximize your income from MTurk nation
After reading this article you would be able to grow your Rating as a worker, Searching and accepting best HITs that really worth and available with serving a good amount are, rewriting original article, sentences, surveys, unique articles, scraping text from Images and for transcribing audio files.
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The Pros and Cons of MTurk
You can get paid by working through internet.
Number of jobs and there variety allow you to find assignment as per your interest
It’s a free source of income that anyone can join
Guaranteed Legit source of making money online

The task available on Site are not operated by Amazon themselves so they could be scam like when people ask you to fill your personal details, so try to avoid these HITs
1. How to walk away from scammers!
Any task if ask you to fill your personal details like; email, full name, address or credit card details. Stay away from them. So this is the real difference genuine requester would not ask for these things
2. Turker Nation n MTurk Forum, The best sources to keep you updated
The Mturk forum inform you about headlines and happening on Amazon Mturk, here you’d share your experiences, you can learn from others, These sites are not official site, but operated by Mturk users. So you would not be benefited if you complaints about scams because the officials of Mturk are not listening you. The links to Turker Nation here and MTurk Forum here
3. Turkopticon Toolbar – How to use it
A major way if you are looking for news about latest task updates and sources related to requester rating, feedback about them, you need to go through this way. This toolbar allows you to get updates about, rating of requester by MTurk worker those previously worked for them, you can find review and ratings by workers like; did they were not spam, they have paid on time or not, this toolbar widget is available for various versions of browsers like, Firefox, Google chrome and IE. To download it click here
4. Why we should refuse the 1 cent hits, unless they are a piece of cake only
Usually a hit takes not less than 3 minutes, so if you are supposed to earn 12 cent to 20 cents in an hour you could work for, but I don’t think so it’s working anymore because you’ll lose the interest. The only thing that you should do, utilize this time for searching highest paying hits
5. Time and Money really matters on each task
The worth of task you could consider by tackling the time taken by the HIT and what you are getting back for completion, mostly hits with paying a good amount requires qualification test to be passed (Not necessarily with every HIT), few hits require you to follow rules and terms too, these instruction helps you to maintain your qualification rate so if a worth accepts you with all terms and paying you good amount of money so please give it a descriptive read too before accepting
6. The highest paying assignments- I prefer Surveys
If you are looking for easy and highest paying assignments, start searching for surveys. I have experienced them as the best and easy way of make money on HITs, each survey pay you on the basis of its length but you can expect $.60 to $10 within 10 to 30 minutes. Sometimes spammers also dress up in form of surveys by asking you fill your personal details so try to away from them
7. If it looks too much easy, so it could be!!
If a requester paying a highest payout HIT only for visiting site or downloading so forget it; they will pay you any way. These schemes are from spammers
8. Keep engage yourself
One thing that is also require to be noticed, to get your first check filled with a good amount on it, you are required to spend at least 20 to 90 minute. Simply as much as time you will spent on site by working on HITs
9. How to optimize search, and use keywords
If you are not getting proper search results so just try this, put your keyword… anything for that you are looking for and select the search result outlay like search on the basis of relevance, sort by highest paying, and sort by date-randomly, beside this you can fill the amount on that you would like to ask for available hits, these credentials are really necessary due because to refine best search results out of 100000000 HITs for you
10. Connect your bank account for Net Fund Transfer
Amazon allows you to inbuilt your bank account to get paid in cash by net fund transfer. Beside this you could ask for Gift cards for shopping or can attach your account for cash. This service is only available within USA, so for outsiders Check is a best solution.


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