The Other SIde- Moral Story

The father was reading novel that night but his little daughter was interrupting him repeatedly.

So just to make his little girl busy he took a paper that had a World Map printed on it and tor that paper into pieces then challenged her to solve the puzzle by making the world map complete as it was by putting the pieces with right match

He was damn sure and a bit happy because now she can’t interrupt him for several hours at-least because of the difficult problem he has challenged her to solve. After few minutes she asked his father to check the solved puzzle

He was surprised to see the perfect map....

OMG! You’re scaring me how did you do this so quickly? , “Oh.... Dad, look at the other side of this paper, it’s a man’s face behind i just had to make fix the man face to solve your puzzle of making a perfect map”


In this whole world you always have an other side of to solve any problem. SO from not whenever you are in any kind of worst of worst problem please look at the other side first.... there is always an easy way for to reach at finish line.


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