The Cookie Thief - Funny Story but Inspirational Story

one night, she was waiting at an airport for her flight from several long hours. She bought a book from the neighbor bookstore with a bag of cookies. and joined a seat in the waiting room.

She was lost in her book but suddenly she caught a scene, a guy who was sitting beside her, . . .grabbed some cookie from the bag thinking that the lady is not noticing, once she tried to avoid the scene.

but every single time she took cookie, he took one too, at last when only one cookie was left in the bag, she thought that now what he will do. but shamefully with a mix of nervous laugh and smile he took the last one too, but broke it in 2 pieces.

And when he offered that last piece while eating the other...... She thought, surely this guy has some nerve and he's also rude, at-least he must show some gratitude too me!

She had never known when she had been so galled, her flight was ready to leave the airport so she took her all the belongings and reach to the gate with thinking all the most suitable worst words about the guy in her mind.

She boarded and caught her seat in the plane, she realized her book is going to complete, so she reached in her baggage and she had a bag of cookies in her hand, she gasped with a little shock of surprise

She thought if mine is here that means the one i took was him, oh! its too late to say sorry to him because he was sharing.

and She realize with shame, she was the thief, the ingrate, the rude one.


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