Never try to enter in Girls Hostel - Funny Dorm Story for Guys

I don't know how many times you have tried to get enter in girls hostel between the mid of night but for me it was one of most adventurer thing during my schooling,most often i caught by warden but this was only a little scarifies. Today i thought that i should put some of my bold experience of life.
Actually i did my schooling from boarding, may be my parents took this decision because they knew that one day i'll write a hub here about my experiments.
Its not LoL because if you are searching for true love in a school so the only place is cafeteria or her dorm room, Cafeterias are good for dating but what about the next Task?
In my school i were worry about two things, one; to maintain my score till the day i left my school and second to loose my virginity any how. i never wanted to be virgin like other friends only because they not found any place to experiment, I believe in making iron Hot by striking; its a different thing it was limited to my extra curriculum only... I never thought to use it in study
Before telling about my sex Sorry!! about my romantic experiments in dorm room of girls hostel i want to tell you things why should not try this?
If you will be caught-
  • You can be suspended because its a mischief
  • They will call your parents or corp for your romantic hobbies solution
  • You will be famous in a day in entire college
  • Or you can be beaten
  • You will be charged to pay fine
I have told you because i am already so paid, try these tips only on your own risk.
Any way let me tell you where the story begins-
In the winter of 1997, I was about to complete my schooling; most of the friends were busy in half yearly exams preparation where as i was afraid of loosing my dream, i had lot of tension but it wasn't because of exams, it was due to my dream of loosing virginity, i were excited as well as tensed. May be the reason of my 440 volts excitement was the blood frozen nights of winter.
But i decided, i'll ruin this winter in her bedroom but how could i dare to do the hell like this. I refused the appeal of my heart and told to my Sensitive Organs, have patience! because every single time the sizzling face of warden were appearing in my eyes.
10th of Jan 1997, This was her birthday, she was going to complete 15 years of her age. Yes She! the gorgeous, hot, awesome and most beautiful girl.
This was the first day when i try to admit my dream, i knew that i could be caught even though i decided to wish her birthday in her bedroom.
It was 10:30 PM, I reached in front of hostel. I looked at the main gate, the gatekeeper had his eyes on me and start shouting, i ran away, the power of her voice trembled my soul. my whole body were shivering but my daring heart allowed me to give another try. I think at that moment my blood pumping blood on average of 1 galleon/ Second
11:45 PM, I was scaring like a dog, my eyes stopped on a pipe. That was reaching on to Girls toilet on 2nd floor. The toilet had a ventilator opened. I measure it as the most suitable way to get in but i never tried to stare through a pipe, I closed my eyes and reach on to 1st, then 2nd floor and after all on the ventilator. I entered by jumping in, A sweet smell of Urine Touched My Heart i were thinking its going to be a part of my soul soon. Now the biggest mystery for me was to found her in darkness.
11.55 PM, I were scared and excited. I start murmuring her name "Shonali, Shonali, Shonali ssssssssss" in little voice, i wanted to give her surprise... suddenly a door opened and somebody pulled me in......... Thanks to god its you!
We celebrate the night, in early morning she told me to go back and take care but the major task for me was to go back... It was really easy to came but frankly telling you the much harder was to go back. I had goosebumps while going down through PIPE.
But by singing names of many Gods i did it successfully. I were extremely happy only till the school started that day. I got a notice from principle because my smartness were caught by a damn gadget "CCTV Camera"
After that, I don't think so i need to tell you anything, the day became the most horrible day of my life, It was so embarrassing but we have to scarifies to gain something.


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