The Other SIde- Moral Story of The Love of Son and Father

Once an old man was living alone in a down town of California. he had to plant his garden of potato, but it was a kind of rare thing to do alone, the very hard one. He had a son too but he was in prison. The old man decided to ask for help to his son, therefore he wrote a latter and explained everything about his typical days.

Dear Son,

Now a days am very frustrate cause am feeling this year we won't be able to spade our potato garden. Your mother and me always had lovable moments with this planting time, i am going to miss all those moments badly and i would hate it. It feels very bad because my muscle not works like older days and i have problem in digging up our garden plot. I wish if you were here to solve all the troubles i have, it would be over.


Soon, the old man got a reply through telegram: 'For God's sake, please don't dig up our backyard garden!! that's where i b u r i e d the G U N S !!

At 5 am. in next morning, a group of FBI cops and some police men raided and dug up the entire area around old man's home without finding a single gun.

The old man was confused, so he wrote again a latter to his son asking him, what all that happened and asked what should be my next move.

Son replied with a new mail: 'Go ahead to plant the garden, Dad. this is everything that i could do from here.'


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