Factoidz.com Facts- Adsense Revenue Sharing Site (Review), Hubpages Alternative

We the writers on web always try to enhance our online income, it is because most of us Love to write or Love to get High PR Back links to our blogs whatever you think but these sites are really a good source of income. I have been an expert at Factoidz.com and I will rate this site 5/5 because of its unique platform of getting paid in various forms.

Factoidz fact says they are merely trying to stuff their site with premium quality content, except site interface and TOS Factoidz is far batter then other writing sites. To become a successful expert at Factoidz you only need to follow their Terms and Conditions as we follows at hub pages

One thing that I don’t like here, we the public writer laps our copyrights and in future if they will ban us we will lose everything like; money, ownership and content


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