Legit Best Survey Sites for India/ Indians- Get Paid for Taking Survey online- Indiaspeaks.net Review

I wanted to write a concentrated article for specific country with some good ideas of making money online, so this review is only for Indian Geeks. If they are really willing to work online for getting paid in form of cash and sweepstakes

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Indians have been penalized by a biggest survey scam within country, today beside all the critics i would like to share a site whom i have experienced personally for making money by taking survey. beside this here i have many reasons to call it a best get paid for filling surveys online.

IndiaSpeaks.Net is a survey site that pays for taking survey to their users, the best thing about about this market research company is a partner of Nascomm research center, the site is a unit of Absolute Data Research.

Indiaspakes.Net Review
Earning Type
Get Paid to Survey and Refer
Minimum Payouts
200 Points
Payment Type
Check and Coupons + Sweepstakes
Commission on Referral
20 Points
Only for Indians

Indiaspeaks.net is one of the best market research company in India, It pays a good amount for its users for taking survey. To get maximum survey you just need to update your profile on weekly cycle. as much as profile you fill as much survey you gets. Here you just need to take sign up
, after confirming signup please make it sure to update your all the profiles, it just takes 20 to 30 minute but benefits you for upcoming 7 days. Updating profile gives advantage of getting more and more surveys.

The best thing about this site is only the age limit starts from 14 years, so you would not need to ask your parents for more pocket money because you can earn your own income. Now make money in your spare time because at internet really your time worth a good amount.


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