Adsense Only? Not Enough! Boost Your Sites Earning with Google Adsense Compatible Ads Alternatives

This article is written with an objective to give u best monetization tools for blog n websites with Google Adsense,

Actually Google Adsense is the most classical and profitable method of getting a secure source of income from blogs and websites .

But today webmasters and bloggers looking at the giant leap on the web for blog monetization, here when we talk about the blog monetization we could at so many alternatives but does they meets with the Google adsense terms of services of-course most of them are could be the reason of getting you banned and if your blog got blocked the you would search for getting another adsense account that is just impossible to implement another adsense on the blocked site

Perhaps if your blog is enriched with a heavy crawl you dont need to worry ere on web you could find PPC and CPM advertisers that pay u a much batter money in comparison of adsense.

Let me come to that point-

Here you are in search of some relatively good adsense compatible ads alternative that could help you in enhancing your income source from the same site.

So here am leaving you some ads type with examples of service providers those are compatible with Google adsense, in future i would put a whole article on the advertiser like, Review of such alternative with an hyper linking to them from here..

  1. In-Text Ads- Most Popular among sites with lots of article and text..
  • Best Programs- Vibrant Media, InfoLinks, Kontera
2. In-Image Ads Network- Sites with Bulk Images
  • Best Programs-, Gum Gum, Images Pay, Burs Media
3. Direct Banner Ads- 50K unique visitor per month
  • Best Programs- Buy Sell Ads
4. Chitika Ads- Chitika ads are only can be used if you have heavy traffic on site and u can

not put more then 1 chitika ad banner

5. Affiliate Programs- As n affiliate u must focus on writing an expert review about the product you want to sell
  • Amazon and ebay are the best affiliate program or you could chose the on the bases of your site type too


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