Government Sector Jobs VS. Private Sector Jobs Opportunities- Which Career is Best?

Perhaps you are about to complete your degree or you are a job seeker with few questions in your mind like; Where the opportunities are higher? Is public sector is fruitful or private sector? How to explore jobs in government and private sector?
you can find people around you arguing on these questions because such discussions ends on unanswered debates but i suggest beside putting yourself in such confusion ask few questions to you then decide whether you have to go for government sector or for private sector. these questions are-
Ask Yourself-
  • What are the professional skills you do have?
  • What kind of job you are looking for?
  • Where from you have completed your education?
  • Job security and promotion measures?

Good decision makers always Wins the Race

Your career is depending upon decisions that you take, so keep taking suggestion from others and admit your questions to others perspective and with your own opinion. You will be out from the dilemma very easily.
I told you to ask few questions while choosing a career it is because see, my first question was; What are the skill you have? When you will answer it you have to look at the industrial growth, options available for you and the perks offered by employers. so these all question will allow your self to develop a basic instinct in you,

Government Jobs VS. Private Jobs

Traditionally people believe that getting a job in public sector provides job security, recognition growth and a massive source of income but the modern scenario have been adapted by private employers. beside all thoughts and argument this is the reality if you really want a job with huge opportunities they are only in private sector but they always look at qualities and like government sector you will not get advantage of any reservation or cast is a list element that attracts people in different sectors-
Government Jobs 
Private Jobs 
 In Some Sectors
Financial Services 
On a Period of time 
On the basis of performance 
Good and Similiar for each person on same post with same experience
Depend on your expertise 'People draws a good sum'
Position and Recognition
Unmatched Admin Power
Limits with top level
Nature of Job
Job Openings

Downsides of Government jobs

Today Private sector is filled with millions of opportunity but as per the table we must choose government sector, still here are few thing that will downsize
  • The salary starts from a low amount in government sector in comparison of private employers
  • The hikes are depending upon the certain time period where as in private sector they counts your performance
  • As above said private sector is offering millions of job and they are very easy to grab for right competent employee
  • People who love to work in challenging environment and want a rapid recognition among industry should go for private sector
  • Government sectors are the paradise of lazy bones
  • Government jobs are enriched with complacency where as in private sector life becomes adventurous

Private Sector Jobs

Today private employers are offering huge opportunities with a good pay scale in comparison of government employer, people specially from creamy layer institutes with enough competencies and skills prefer private sector to work.
  • Here the promotions of employees are depending upon their performance and the selection procedure is also very easy and fast. mostly people ruined their life to get a job in government sector. Here true talent retain by employers on any cost that why they keep promoting their employee.
  • The lucrative perks attracting youth to move in private sector jobs, the jargon of industry only recognized by private sectors.
  • The job satisfaction is provided in form of healthy workplace environment so eventually it make their employees more loyal to them.
But still here are various downsides that you can count, like future security, working hours, Mental illness, work pressure and other hidden truths.

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